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Welcome to JVC Lashes. I'm really glad to have you all on here! I'm everybody's favorite lash tech, Jocelyn but everyone just calls me Joss. I just turned 21 and I love meeting new people, I love having conversations with everyone and seeing the world through everyones eyes! Whatever we talk about in my lash room stays in my lash room, and that's in purr! Don't be a stranger and HMU if you have any questions or concerns. See you soon babe!  

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My Story

I was all ways drawn to lashes, in high school I use to do cluster lashes on myself after high school I started doing lashes, it's been 2 years almost since I started . I remember being a little scared to start this lash journey, just and only because I had no idea where to start, I had no idea if I was going to be any good at doing lashed. I gave a shot, and I practiced daily and watched so many videos it was crazy. Eventually I built up the courage to practice on a person which was my cousin Alex, he let me do his lashed and I think I did a pretty good job lol. A couple days after one of my cousins friends Patricia hit me up and asked me if I could do her lashes because she really liked the lashes I had done on my cousin. Shout out to you Patricia for being my first client and a super loyal client since day one. Patricia still till this day comes to me on a regular basis. Ever since then I worked on my brand, my craft, and my clients. Thanks to you all I have this amazing business that has allowed me to things I never thought possible, this business has allowed me to travel so thank you all for trusting me to do your lashes, you could go to anyone else and yet you chose me to do them.

              This is for all of you who have thought about doing lashes, DO IT girl. Doing lashes has really changed my life. I'm sure it can change your life too and if you have any questions about anything HMU I'm definitely not a gatekeeper and I want you all to succeed. The lash industry is already hard enough and the last thing we needs is lash techs brining each other down. I love you all and d not be strangers! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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